This is us, and that’s ok

“What – you let your children play outside with no shoes on?”

“You mean you let THEM dictate when they’re hungry?!”

“Oh wow your house is so… Lived in…”

“You’re still breastfeeding??!!”

These are the sorts of things I get all the time regarding my family and how I choose to bring them up. I still breastfeed my baby at 13 months old (my first nursed until she was 19 months). I let them tell me when they are hungry rather than dictating set meal times, I let them get messy and muddy and play barefoot and ok my house isn’t perfectly tidy but it’s certainly not dirty. Our home is fun, safe and full of love at all times.

I am the bohemian rhapso-mummy – relaxed and a bit hippy but you know what? That’s ok by me.


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