There’s a reason I’m tired!

It sounds strange but I was so happy the other day when my doctor told me I had very very low iron and vitamin d levels. Outwardly I was very reserved and concentrating on what she was telling me about my medications, but inside I was shouting “Yes!!! I knew there was a reason I felt so tired and rough!”

It took 3 weeks from seeing the doctor in the first place to getting my blood test results, and every time I mentioned to someone that I’d been to the GP about being so constantly exhausted they’d generally just come back with – “Well you have a baby, of course you’re tired” – like I was just being a total wuss.

It’s very frustrating when you know that there is something wrong and no one takes you seriously- I mean I knew this wasn’t just normal tiredness, I’ve had a baby before and I am aware of what it’s like! I have to admit though, even I had no idea just how crap low iron stores can make you feel. I was even freaking out thinking I must be pregnant again because that’s the only other time I’ve felt that sheer, right down to the bone exhaustion that is impossible to explain to anyone who hadn’t experienced it themselves.

So when I got confirmation that I wasn’t just being dramatic and there was actually something wrong with me I felt a smug sort of satisfaction that I had been proved right.

Now I’m just waiting for the meds to start making me feel better – up to 4 weeks ? but at least we caught it before it caused any serious damage which is possible.

Moral of this story? You know your own body and what’s normal or not, so even if no one else believes you please go and get it checked out just in case – don’t struggle through when you don’t need to. You never know when it could be something serious, so to quote the well known phrase – ‘Its better to be safe than sorry!’


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