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Disclosure policy

This website uses affiliate links, only to products I have personally used or highly recommend to be of great value to you. I may receive a small commission when you make a purchase using my links (at no extra cost to you), so thank you for your support!

All information provided on this website are my own opinion and knowledge that I have learned from my own experience.  Any specific information that I have gained from other parties has been referenced.

Privacy policy 

Personal information: The safety of your personal information (like your name and email address when you sign up to my opt-in forms) is very important to me. I use a trusted third-party company to store the collected email address, which will be kept safe and not distributed to anyone.

Any personal information collected is only to provide you with information and resources to help you, and not spam you.

Cookies & tracking: Like many other sites, this site does use cookies to keep track of user preferences that are trusted to third-party companies. Some of the information we track are IP address, timelines, demographics, site pages and more. None of the information we collect reveals any information about you. Google analytics is one such tool that analyses and tracks user preference. This information is obtained just to understand readers interests, and to make it a better reading experience for you.

Subscribe or Unsubscribe: Feel free to subscribe or unsubscribe to our email newsletter or opt-in forms based on your needs. We use Convertkit, a trusted email provider to collect and store your personal information (name and email address) securely. At any point in time, if you no longer wish to receive these emails from me, you can unsubscribe from my email at any time – just click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the emails you receive, or you can contact me and I’ll do it for you, easy.

If you subscribe to any of the websites outside of this site, you would need to go to the respective sites to unsubscribe.

Requesting information: If you would require for us to delete all your data that we have collected and stored in our system, we can do that for you. Alternatively, we can also download and provide you a file of your user data, if requested by the concerned person.

External links: This website uses affiliate links to trusted products outside of this website. This privacy policy and disclosure statement hold true only as long as you stay on our site. Please refer to the privacy statement of individual sites you are directed to.

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