New Directions

Hi everyone I’m back! I’m so sorry for the lack of posts and updates but as the title mentions, my life and therefore this blog have kind of taken off in a new direction!

As well as studying my access course to go back to university and train to be a midwife (Distinctions all the way! I thank you 😉) I have discovered a love and talent for the art of Macrame.

Macrame is basically creating things from cord using different knots to make patterns. No equipment is needed neccessarily except your hands and some cord, and you’re away – creating to your hearts content! I love it because of its simpleness – just a few basic knotting techniques can create such beautiful patterns, and because you can tie them in different places, with different spacing and in various combinations it’s impossoible to get bored! Everything you make is totally original, and then to spice it up you can start using coloured cords, or even dye your cords different colours. It’s sooo much fun and I find it very therapeutic actually, so much so that my passion for this art form has led me to open an etsy shop, as well as changing the focus of this blog to teaching you lovely readers how to Macrame too!

I will still write blog posts about my other passion of being eco-friendly of course; just think of the Bohemian Rhapso-mummy expanding rather than changing completely 😊 the best bit is that actually the two topics work well together – you can make lots of things from macrame that can assist a zero waste lifestyle, including this market bag I made – cool huh?

So now that you are updated, I am going to start writing some posts as well as creating videos on how to Macrame, basic knots etc. So keep a look out for that, visit my etsy shop here in the meantime if you should feel so inclined to see what I’ve been busy making, and hopefully I will see you soon!

Peace out x


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