Herb Garden

I’ve always loved the idea of having a huge herb garden at my home. I fantasise about myself floating around dressed as an elegant witch/hippy (think Nicole Kidman at the end of Practical Magic) and wandering into the garden to pick some fresh, fragrant herbs to add to my beautifully healthy, home cooked meal.

Sadly, this idealistic image has never actually materialised in real life. There are many reasons why – I don’t have enough space in my house/garden, my herbs keep dying etc. So I thought I’d look at some different ways of keeping my fresh herbs that don’t take up space on my windowsill and die from any weather extremes that might occur on the same.

Finding my herb garden idea

I was so happy therefore to find this fabulous idea on making your own herb garden! It uses simple, easy to find materials (Ikea anyone?!) and lives on a wall that is otherwise blank and boring – getting my herbs off of my very cluttered windowsill. Here is the link to the original post that I used:


I pretty much did exactly as the post stated, except for when it came to the end. So how did I do it?

  1. I bought the VURM Wine Rack from IKEA and 4 pint glasses. This is where I then differed slightly, as I literally just got some purple chalk paint from Hobbycraft (as opposed to the various items the original idea used to create a chalkable surface.
  2. Paint the chalk onto the flat bottom of each glass, as well as around the bottom edge of each glass.
  3. Fill each glass a third of the way up with stones/pebbles for water drainage.
  4. Fill each glass most of the way to the top with soil, sow your herb seeds and cover with a thin layer of more soil. Alternatively replant ready grown herbs into the glasses.
  5. Water well.
  6. Attach wine rack to the wall HORIZONTALLY!
  7. Place glasses into securely fixed rack.
  8. Wait for your beautiful herbs to grow!

Here’s what my herb garden looked like after a few days – cool hey?!

My homemade Herb Garden
My Herb Garden

As you can see it still looks pretty bare! I planted the Basil plant straight from it’s pot on the windowsill (I bought it ready grown). The Thyme, Chamomile and Coriander I planted from seed, some of which I’m still waiting to start growing. In time though, I am hopeful that I will have an awesome, full herb garden growing on my wall 🙂 I am also planning on making more for my other herbs!

If you give this a go please let me know! Comment below with how it turned out. Happy planting! x



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