30 Days Wild | Days 4-7

School started back this week, which made it a lot more difficult to fit in our 30 days wild challenges.  We managed to squeeze some quick and easy wildness in between school and after-school clubs though (there many of them).  Take a look at what we did!

Day 4

Lovely sunny day today, and we discovered a new wild place to explore! We dropped the car off for its annual MOT this afternoon to somewhere that had been recommended. As we’ve not lived in this area long, it was somewhere we hadn’t been before so we decided to explore whilst waiting for the car.  It turned out we were right next to a beautiful river with a wooded area next to it, and even a small area that looked like a secret garden! We walked around a bit seeing what we could find, and then just sat in the sunshine watching the various bugs in the grass of which there were many.  How many of these can you identify for me?

Day 5

This mornings task was bird identification! We have a bird feeder in our garden in which we put seed, fat balls, suet blocks and a dish of water.  This morning there were so many birds around it we made it our mission to ID as many as we could! We spotted the following: Blackbirds, Tree sparrows, Starlings (including juveniles that must have just left the nest!), Magpies, Crows, Blue Tits, and Goldfinches! Need help identifying your garden birds? I recommend the bird guide I have which is the RSPB one, find it here: https://amzn.to/2JFylmZ

Day 6


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