30 Days Wild | Days 2&3

The 30 days wild mission continues…

Day 2 –

– was a very simple task in the end too – we went to the local field to walk the dog and play.

That’s what I love about this challenge, it only need to be as hard as you make it.  Just getting out in the fresh air for a little while counts! The 5 year got to play on the playpark, practice her footy skills and do cartwheels to her hearts content whilst the baby waddled around the field strengthening those lush little legs. Lovely chilled out afternoon in the sun ☀️

Day 3 –

– of our 30 Days Wild was more hands on – we built a bug hotel! It was my sisters idea, on Day 2 she had suggested building a hedgehog house, but we realised we didn’t really have many materials to do it with.  She was going to go and buy wood and things to make it out of (FSC certified of course) but I thought it owuld be much more eco-friendly to reuse some old wood rather than buying it brand new.  So, with that in mind, I posted a plea on the local facebook for sale group for any old wood going spare.  The response was fantastic! We ended up going to pick up an old pub bench that someone was wanting to get rid of.  They did in fact have about 8 benches but I could only fit one in the car!!

On day 3 we ran out of time to build a hedgehog house, so I suggested creating a bug hotel instead.  Oh wow, I didn’t realise how much fun it would be! Wev’e got the perfect spot in the garden next to the shed for it, so we just started  layering up bits of wood and a load of old plant pots – you know, the plastic ones with holes at the bottom that have been sitting there serving no purpose for yonks.  A few stones, all sprinkled with a nice layer of dried leaves from the tree and hey presto! A nice cozy home to encourage bugs into our garden, which in turn will bring other animals to prey on them.  The kids had a fabulous time with this one – winner!

Our Bug Hotel
Our Bug Hotel
Building the bug hotel

Why not try and build you own bug hotel? All you need is some scrap pieces of wood, plant pots, leaves, bricks, anything of the sort that you can layer up and create lots of lovely nooks and crannies for the mini beasts to hide in.  I’d love to see what you create! Comment with your own ideas or pictures, or join my facebook group at www.facebook.com/BohemianRhapsoMummy to get involved with 30 Days Wild discussions!

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