30 Days Wild – Day 1

I’m so excited!!! Today is June 1st which means… The start of this years 30 days wild!

What is 30 days wild?

30 Days wild is a scheme run in the UK by The Wildlife Trusts who look after nature reserves all over the country and speak up for wildlife and conservation efforts both locally and nationally.  The idea is pretty simple – do something WILD every day throughout June! It occurs every year, and if you sign up to the challenge officially through their website they will send you a lovely pack to help you out! Sign up here: http://action.wildlifetrusts.org/page/20877/petition/1

30 Days Wild | Day 1

30 Days Wild with the family

I absolutely love doing this with the kids every year, not least because it gives me a good ol’ kick up the jacksy to make sure we do something related to nature every day. It makes you really think about what you can do that day – visit the local park, go for a walk at a reserve, or even just making something at home to help your local wildlife! It’s a fantastic opportunity to teach the kids about your local fauna and flora and how to use it – but most importantly of course – how we can protect it. It also encourages us to spend time as a family properly which is always nice.

30 Days wild day 1
Kids at the pond

Day 1

Today we started simple, mainly because the baby is still getting over a nasty illness and isn’t really up to much yet.  We have a large pond about 3 minutes walk from our house which we walk past every day on the school run, but today we made it our mission to go and actually watch for a while.   It’s amazing what you can see when you actually stop for a while. In a relatively small pond we spotted some rather large fish, various ducks including some moorhen chicks (so fluffy!) and a resident heron; not bad for half an hour in the wild!

Beautiful Heron

Join us tomorrow for our day 2 of wild escapades, and have fun being wild yourselves in the meantime!(within reason of course!) X

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