Welcome to my website, I’m so pleased to have you here!

My name is Carly and I am Mum to 2 small humans aged 7 and 3. I am also a Macrame artist, I work as a Maternity Care Assistant at my local hospital, and I will shortly be starting my training to be a midwife – phew! My life is busy but I love it, and with my super supportive fiance and family I feel like I can do anything! In my downtime (because self care is important), I create things, meditate and read fiction books (massive fantasy genre fan over here!) I also adore going to hippie style festivals with my 3 BFFs, music is life!

The Bohemian Rhapso Mummy began as a blog talking about all things eco friendly and parenting. Now I have found my art of Macrame, and I love it! In fact I find it very therapeutic knotting away in the evening when the kids are in bed. As I grow in confidence, I find myself creating pieces with a more spiritual theme which befits my own beliefs and outlook on life. One of my favourite pieces is the yoga mat strap, it’s so unique and I feel like I look so cool walking into my yoga class with it 😉 You can find it here. All of my pieces can be customised to your favourite colours, whether that be the cord itself or beads added, I love to experiment and have fun with it!

In the future I hope to make some patterns for my work so that you can try it yourself, but for now have a browse at what I have come up with so far! Treat yourself to something beautiful and individual for your home, or perhaps choose something as a special gift for someone? Perhaps you just want to browse and be inspired, either way I love my designs to be seen and shared!

Thank you for your visit, Blessed Be x